Thursday, July 29, 2010


Just recently working his way up in the DJ ranks, 20 year old Swedish DJ and producer, Avicii, has been dropping banging original tracks one after another . With influences by Laidback Luke, Steve Angello, and Tocadisco it is easy to see why. His Track "My Feelings For You" was collaboration with Sebastien Drums and absolutely rocked the house during Duck Sauce's set at EDC. I highly recommend listening to/downloading every track below because they are all amazing.

My Feelings For You (Original Mix) - Sebastian Drums & Avicii

One Step Forward (Original Mix) - Avicii

Almost (Original Mix) - Avicii

Cookies With A Smile (Avicii Remix) - Dada Life

I Feel Love (Avicii's Forgotten Mix) - Wynter Gordon


My Feelings For You (Digital Lab Remix) - Sebastian Drums & Avicii

If you like what you have heard be sure the vote for Avicii in DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs of 2010 HERE!



Calvertron a name synonymous with broken ear drums.Check out his newest release on Beatport the remix of Dj Bam Bam's "Watch the Club Go".  He is stationed in the United Kingdom and is out and about at the moment hitting France, Germany, Belgium, Canada and the United States.  Here are some of the more popular releases that will get your afternoon started on the way home from the Beach or Work.

So Good (Calvertron Remix) - Starchaser

Dutchie (Calvertron Remix) - Cold BlanksDownload


Funky Jam (Cold Blanks La Cucaracha Ya No Puede Caminar Mix) - Calvertron

Nicky Nines

Dj Mag Top 100

The time is here once again!  Place your votes, and let's please try to get the Trance Dj's out of the top spot for at least a year.  There are 55 days left to vote and will go through September, so make sure you cast a vote.  Go through the steps that they tell you, cast your votes, and wait for the confirmation email to click the link.  It might take an hour to get that confirmation email, but at least your vote will count once you confirm it.

I wish I had some sweet Armin Van Buren to post for you, but it seems to have slipped my Library, anyways  here is the link.  Sorry if this post offended anyone, I have respect for Trance Dj's... I just listen in very small doses, and would like to see another genre up in the top spot.

We are Rockstars - Does This Offend You, Yeah?

Nicky Nines

Monday, July 26, 2010

Samsonite I Was Way Off

Dirty Dutch is the name of the game, and Sidney Samson is batting 1000.  From the breakout hit "Riverside" last year his name has swept across America in a dance craze.  If you didn't know who he was 6 months ago... I guarantee you do now.  The Spring started out with the battle banger "The World is Yours".  Now here comes Wasted.  He has not been one to disappoint, and he isn't starting now.

Wasted (Baba O'Reilly) - Sidney Samson
Download +++

The World is Yours (Original Mix) - Sidney Samson
Download +++

Moombah (Original Mix) - Sidney Samson
Download an extra for you

Nicky Nines

Friday, July 23, 2010

Toxic Is Is Is Is Dead.... Alive... Dead.. Alive!

The French Producer well known as the Toxic Avenger or Simon DeLaCroix has been putting down some futuristic sounding hard hitting Electro since I first started listening to him.  If you are looking for extra tracks of his check out Bad Girls Need Love Too, or Up To The Boy.  He has finally crossed the seas and started playing in the US although there haven't been too many dates yet that he has appeared at.  Much to my dismay the only time that I know of that he played in Los Angeles I was out of town.  We hope that he will return shortly, so we can see him in action.  If you wanna give these tracks a listen, it will only make your Friday better, but be weary because if you play these tracks in public you may just get picked up by the fun police for dance floor homicide.

Kill Me (T.A. Remix)

Fais Bouger Ta Ficello ft. Toxic Avenger - OrelSan

Song 2 (T.A. Remix) - Blur

Bonus Round:

Toxic is Dead (Kunst Throw Re-edit) - Toxic Avenger

Toxic is Dead (Delta Remix) - Toxic Avenger

Nicky Nines 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This Just In

If you play these tracks at the party; this guy just might let you backstage.  All with the exception of the last song.  I don't know why I love Ophelia by Kula Shaker so much, it has an eerie calm to it.  Check it out, I'm sure you will dig it too.  In regards to the other tracks... playing them will get you run faster and jump higher without having to purchase PF Flyers.

Take Over Control (Original Mix) - Afrojack
Arguru (EDX & 5un5hine Remix) - Deadmau5
Commander (Chuckie and Neve Remix) - David Guetta
One (Your Name) - Swedish House Mafia ft Pharrel
Release the Feeling (Original Mix) - Chris Luvly
Ophelia - Kula Shaker

(Click to get the whole Zip File)

Nicky Nines

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aww.. Yeah.. I Wanna Riot

Forming on the 15th anniversary of 1992 Los Angeles Riots, LeDisko and then-partner J.O.B. (John O’Brien) launched their collaborative project on April 27, 2007. As the Indie dance rock sound exploded onto underground and mainstream club circuits, LA Riots became one of its brashest ambassadors, melding electro-laced beats over commercial savvy cuts and vocals.

 A lot has happened since LA Riots branded dance music with a bawdy blend of Indie electro in 2007. Founding partner Daniel LeDisko has since teamed with fellow veteran DJ/producer Jon Pegnato to reinvent a sound that melds influences of techno, house and drum n’ bass. In widening their production scope, LA Riots has managed to maintain underground credibility while remixing for some of the industry’s premier pop and rock labels.
There newest tracks have been breaking borders and crossing country lines.  From playing in small clubs to backyards LA Riots have made their way up the circuit, and are headlining huge shows now.  Their Electronic banging style melded with elements of Dubstep and Drum and Bass have been keeping crowds grasping for air.  Check out their new single Warrior that is just itching to be played in every club across the world.

Lute these tracks:

Warrior (LA Riots Remix) - J.O.B.
Download  +++

Speaker Freakers (LA Riots Remix) - Stafford Brothers
Download check one two

Switchblade (LA Riots Remix) - Heartsrevolution
Download Groovy

Trouble in Daylight (LA Riots Remix) - Le Castle Vania

An old Punk Rock track I found fitting to the post:

I Wanna Riot - Rancid

Nicky Nines 

Progressive South

If you are in to Dirty South music then that was what Dirty South opened up with at EDC, but dropped Lyposuct immediately following the Chronic 2001 introduction.  Dirty South is from the Southern Part of Melbourne, Australia not the United States in case you were confused.  The Progressive House that he has been rocking has finally been hitting pool parties and clubs by storm in America providing the energetic easy flow that will keep you dancing from noon to noon the next day.  His latest releases have been nothing short of exciting and for a guy like myself who can't get enough of Electro House to be cranking these tracks up to eleven says a lot in my mind, and I hope you will enjoy them as well.

Sothern Style:

Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix) - The Temper Traps
(Download)  +++

Late Strobe Bodyshine (Bootleg) - Dirty South
(Download) +++

Silvia (Ingrooso & Dirty South Remix) - Mike Snow
(Download) mellow

Leave the World Behind (Dirty South Remix) - S.H.M. & Laidback Luke
(Download)  classic


Phazing (Tiesto Remix) - Dirty South
(Download) little harder than the original

Nicky Nines

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Mixdown

Audiopilot Summer Mix 2010:


1. Rock Massive - You know why (PH Electro Remix)
2. Squeeze - Doop (Uppermost Remix))
3. Kaskade Feat. Haley - Dynasty (Dada Life Remix)
4. Young Rebels - Damascus (Dada Life Remix)
5. Gigi Barocco - Gomma Gomma (Calverton Remix)
6. Sticky K - Club Persh (Will Bailey Remix)
7. E!C!ETC! - Down for the count
8. Nicolas Strands - Wonky Funck (Revero Remix)
9. Nicolas Strands - Wonky Funck (Mahesa Litara Remix)
10. Robbie Rivera - Rock the disco (David Guetta Laptop Remix)
11. Peacetreaty - Funk in da ganja
12. Sergio Mauri - Everybody dance (Chuckie Remix)
13. Aurel Rivera - Push it
14. Moby - JLTF (Chuckie Remix)
15. Ampersand - The Ruckus (Highblood remix)
16. Hot Pink Deloreon - Let's Go
17. Two Fresh - Too fresh (Lee Mortimer Remix)
18. Lee Mortimer vs M&S - Bootsoul Nugget
19. Duck Sauce - Barabara Streisand (Baby Diego Edit)
20. SCNDL - Need to know (Lee Mortimer Remix)
21. Spencer & Hill - Jump (Oliver Twizt Remix)
22. Stonbridge & Tamara - Tripen (Angger Dimas Remix)
23. Sandro Silva - Told Ya (Apster Remix)
24. Miami Horror - Sometimes (Hook and Sling Remix)
25. Dr. Kucho! - Chase (Oliver Twizt Remix)
26. Sandro Silva - Told Ya (Apster Remix)
27. The Squatters - Monster (Rolvario Remix)
28. Nari & Milani - I got my eye on you (Chuckie Remix)
29. Angger Dimas - Plastik
30. Audiopilot - Jungle Fever
31. Special K - Cocaine
32. Robbie Rivera - Let me sip my drink (Chuckie Remix)
33. Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Cash (Tom Piper Remix)
34. Afrojack and Sidney Samson - Quacky
35. Dimitri Vegas - Drop that
36. Arturo Silvestre - Papa Bam!
37. Temper Traps - Sweet Disposition (Axwell and Dirty South Remix)

Chuckie - Essential Mix 6-12-2010

1. Dirty Rush — El Sucio Embolo
2. Coqui Selection — Love Me 
3. The Very Best — Kada Manja (Tim Green Remix) _ Moshi Moshi Records
4. Gregor Tresher — Escape To Amsterdam (Dj Madskillz & 2000 And One Remix) 

5. Jay Lumen — Bop Doo _ 100% Pure
6. Muzzaik — Won’t Let You Go
7. Ben Lb — Olympics
8. Mark Knight — Devil Walking
9. Kelly Rowland — Commander (Chuckie Remix)
10. Lissat & Voltaxx — Emergency (feat. Betty Bizarre) (Dolce & Alex Muller Remix)
11. Roger Martinez & Funkuz — Continuate (Peter Horrevorts Remix)
12. Mr. Blink — Gecko
13. Camel — Meltin Pot
14. Voltaxx & Lissat — Et Moi
15. Neve & Obek — Atun Con Pan (feat. Ambush) (Victor Magan Remix)
16. Dj PP — Miami Vice
17. Butch — Joy
18. Marco Bailey — Watergate
19. Chaos Dans Le CBD — Tesh & Maccas 

20. Reboot — Enjoy Music (Dj Chus & Rob Mirage Remix)
21. Worakls — Couch
22. Superskank & Frank Walter — If You Know  

23. Mac Zimms — Your Horney Horns _ Spinnin Recprds
24. Karim Mika — Acid Trip
25. Chuckie — We Can’t Hear Anybody
26. autoKratz — Stay The Same (Noob Remix)
27. Weekend Heroes — Ne’x
28. Sébastien Léger — Plik Plok
29. Mowgli — Tamiflu
30. Pirupa & Pigi — Sweet Devil
31. Jay Lumen — Is Mine
32. Felix da Housecat — Silver Screen, Shower Scene (Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo Remix)

Designer Drugs - Data Mix X


1. Designer Drugs – Drop Down
2. Designer Drugs – Back Up In This (Alvin Risk Remix)
3. Chewy Chocolate Cookies – This Is Massive (Cyberpunkers Remix)
4. The Subs & Party Harders – Pope of Dope (Oddword Wahu Remix)
5. The Squatters – Monster
6. Mustard Pimp – Paper
7. Designer Drugs – Fly By Night
8. Cassette Kids – Lying Around (Sharem Jay Remix)
9. GTRONIC – Cameltoe
10. Suelo – Get Mad
11. Autoerotique – Bubonic (Mustard Pimp Remix)
12. Chase & Status ft Dizzee Rascal – Heavy
13. The Bloody Beetroots – Domino
14. Kele – Tenderoni
15. Surkin – Easy Action
16. Crystal Castles – Baptism
17. The Klaxons – Flash Over

Tai - July Mix:

1. SANDRO SILVA – Told Ya (Apster Remix)
2. D.I.M. & TAI – Lyposuct (Noob Remix)
3. Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (BeatauCue Remix)
4. Zoo Brazil – Fancy (Popof Remix)
5. L-vis 1990 – United Groove (John Roman London Jump Up’ Edit)
6. Zombie Nation – Radio Controlled (Hey Today! Remix)
7. Boys Noize – Sweet Light (Boris Dlugosch Remix)
8. Bart B More – Brap!
9. The Weirdo_1.7
10. D.I.M. & TAI – Lyposuct
11. Heartbreaker Featuring John Legend (Laidback Luke Remix)
12. FM AUDIO – Killer (Afrojack Remix)
13. Tim Healy – Ghettoblaster
14. Modeselektor – The Black Block (BPitch Control)
15. Armand Van Halen – Necessary Evil (Extended Mix)
16. Digitalism – Home Zone (Proxy Remix)
17. Champion Sound (Switch Remix)
18. Boys Noize & Erol Alkan – Lemonade
19. D.I.M. – Airbus Baby

Nicky Nines

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trio's and Treaty's

It would be hard to classify any of these songs into a clean-cut category. "Dirty electrohouse with nasty and catchy vocals, all presented within an intoxicating live-act. Three Austrians are capturing the charts, festivals and dancefloors of this world with their unique mixture of sound: the A.G.Trio."  Is how one person describes A.G. Trio, but you can hear the House and Nu Disco in the production as well.  We will call them an anomaly.  Check out these tracks and remixes from these three.

Messiah and Remixes:

Electro Messiah (Vocal Mix) - A.G. Trio

Electro Messiah (Club Mix) - A.G. Trio 

Electro Messiah (Johnny Roxx Remix) - A.G. Trio   

Electro Messiah (Risko Disco Remix) - A.G. Trio 

Bonus Round:

Dancen (Ultra Remix) - A.G. Trio   

Peacetreaty has turned a classic banger into a super-banger over night.  Check out the remix of Kickdrum it's bound to stand the hairs up on the back of your elbow.  Play Reponsibly:

Kickdrum (Peacetreaty Remix) - Felix Da Housecat  

Bonus Round II:

Kickdrum (Original Mix) - Felix Da Housecat  

Nicky Nines

July Summer Chart

We here at Noiseuphoria feel that the top 10 tracks of the month are just not enough.  So we decided to give you more of a baker's dozen....  Here are your top 13 for July:

Illmerica (Preview) - Wolfgang Gartner
Out of Body (Original Mix) - Jack Beats
Brap (Preview) - Bart B. More
Babylon (Original Mix) - Congorock
Copacabana (Original Mix) - Miles Dyson
Hold on (Sub Focus Remix) - Sub Focus
Hope (DjEdjotronic Remix) - Etienne De Crecy
I Got My Eye on You (Chuckie Remix) - Static Revenger & Luciana
Late Strobe Bodyshine - Dirty South (Bootleg)
Rock the Disco - David Guetta Laptop Remix
We Speak No Americano (Original Mix) - Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup
My Feelings for You (Original Mix) - Avicii & Sebastian Drums
Tonton Funk - Les Petits Pilous Remix

Get the whole Zip File Right Here   
July Mix ' 

Nicky Nines

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dada Life July 2010 Mix

New Dada Life Mix. 'Nuff Said.

Etienne De Crecy - Hope (studio version)
Tom Staar - Two Tone Simms
Calvertron & Tim Healey - Back 2 The Ghetto
Sebastien Drums, Avicii - My Feelings For You (Angger Dimas Bambu Remix)
Kaskade - Dynasty (Dada Life Remix)
Sovnger - Breathless (Alex Gopher Day Remix)
Squeeze - Doop (Uppermost Remix)
Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers (Dada Life Remix)
Mr Blink - Gecko (Original Mix)
Boy 8-Bit - The Keep
Tiesto Feat. Diplo - C'Mon (Original Mix)
Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Dada Life - Tomorrow
Technotronic vs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Pump Up The Jam (Crowd is Jumpin Mix)
Dada Life - Cookies With A Smile

Monday, July 12, 2010

Avalon's Control Presents Plump DJs and One Man Party!

Control Fridays at Avalon in Hollywood once again does not disappoint. This week Plump DJs and One Man Party (the drummer of Soulwax) will be rocking the house. To be placed on the Gotta Dance Dirty discounted guest list, please RSVP to JONAH@GOTTADANCEDIRTY.COM. Be sure to enter through the left side Honey Lounge entrance. Until then enjoy some tunes...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Do Speak Americano

As popular as this song has become it just came to me that we hadn't even mentioned it on the site. Well people here you go. Check out the og version first if you haven't and then have at it with a few dope remixes. 

The Don.

It's been a while in Electro years (about 8 months) since I've heard or seen any hype about Don Rimini, but when he comes out with a release it's always for real.  The last time we took a look at The Deon was at Hard Halloween where he threw down a hard hitting set that left you wanting more.  Check out a few of his new songs from the new "NLarge Your Parties" EP.  It is Hard hitting and has a great danceable flow.

DON RIMINI - NLARGE YOUR PARTIES (TRAILER) from Someone Factory on Vimeo.

All About (Original Mix).mp3  

Nicky Nines

Friday, July 9, 2010


DAN OH has been rocking the Hollywood scene for a while and has had some residency's such as Playhouse and Cinespace.  He has a sick Bass heavy style that he calls fidget house.  He has worked with such figures as Steve Aoki.  He has been putting together strong remixes as of late and is working on producing some originals in the near future.

Check out these remixes.
Bring That Funky Track (Original Mix).mp3 
Downed Economy (Dan Oh remix).mp3
Heads Will Roll (DAN OH remix).mp3 
I Have High Expectations (Dan Oh remix).mp3
The Reeling (DAN OH remix).mp3

Nicky Nines

Setting Trends

Trendsettaz has been emerging on the Electro seen as a type of Pop House as we like to call it.  He has takin some famous pop and hip hop and given them a House/Electro twist.  Check out some of the remixes and look for the name coming up.  If you enjoy a little mellower taste than bangers this would be the perfect outlet.

Freaky [Radio Mix].mp3
Castles In The Sky [TrendSettaz Mix].mp3 
Frozen [TrendSettaz Mix].mp3
In The Long Run [TrendSettaz Mix].mp3
Love You Down [TrendSettaz Mix].mp3

Nicky Nines

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Congorock Vimeo

Scion released the new Babylon Video.  A little on the darkiside, but we definitely enjoy it.

Scion A/V Video: Babylon by Congorock from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

Nicky Nines


Beatbot an English producer who really appreciates French Electro has a feel of Toxic Avenger meets Felix Cartal.  The "Harder Better Faster Stronger" remix first caught my ear creating a nice Electro House feel to the song.  I swore I would never listen to another Harder Stronger remix, but this one is actually worth listening to and playing a few times.  The Electro build up masterpiece "Future" is good for any type of tweener song in your set, it is reminiscent of newer Felix Cartal.  Whether you want to build it down or speed it up you can use it for either purpose.  "Horror" sounds like Wolfgang Gartner meets Toxic Avenger and has a steady flow to it.

Break out the Beatbot below:

Future (Extended Mix).mp3
Horror (Sample Mix).mp3
Harder Better Faster Stronger (Beatbot Rmx).mp3

Nicky Nines

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dirty Dutch

What can I say about Chuckie... well if you want Dirty Dutch he makes it, if you want entertainment he is plenty entertaining.  If you had a chance to catch him recently at Wet Republic or either day of EDC you would know that this man loves his music.  His signature head nod lets you know how much fun he is having while effortlessly mixing and mashing tracks on his journey through a set.  He kills it wherever he goes and has been coming out with bangers and superb house since he has come on the radar.  If you need an introduction for him, here it is.  Check out these two new summer hits "I Like It", and "Hello Good Morning" and already classic club hit "We Can't Hear Anyone Out There".

Dutch on the way:

I Like It (Chuckie Remix) 2.mp3
Hello Good Morning (Chuckie's Bad Boy Remix).mp3
We Can't Hear Anybody Out There (Original Mix).mp3

Nicky Nines

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunny Side Up

"Tommie Sunshine is renowned for his reputation of being consistently ahead of the curve.  Set apart by his iconoclastic productions, he is regarded as one the today’s most prolific remixers with over 120 commissioned remixes to date, and his original production career spans collaborations with such artists as Felix da Housecat, Peaches, James Murphy, and many more.  Whether as a DJ, Remixer, or Artist, Tommie brings a unique enthusiasm to his craft; one that is fueled by his encyclopedic (if not obsessive) knowledge of underground and pop music spanning the last half-century.

Check out these high energy, groovy Electro tracks with a twist:

I Think I Like It (Tommie Sunshine Remix).mp3
Tommie Sunshine - 5AM (A Girl Like You Remix).mp3 
Tommie Sunshine - 5AM [TiTAN Instrumental Mix].mp3
Udachi & B. Rich Remix vs. Kid Sister (Mash-up).mp3

Nicky Nines