Thursday, March 25, 2010

Filthy Fun

Well, its finally the break of spring for many of us college low-lifes, so how about some jams to keep the party rocking well into the am. Helpful hint: Turn these up as loud as possible for maximum enjoyment.

Wolfgang Gartner - Undertaker  
If Wolfgang isn't in your library by now it's about time. 
Neelix - Disco Decay (Felguk Mix)
Upbeat and fun with just enough dirtiness.
DiscoTech - She's Devastating 
Big tune...
The Crystal Method - Cherry Twist (Deadmau5 Remix)
Oldie but a goodie (low quality)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Something to bang your head on...

Pretty self explanatory. Enjoy the weekend.
Paco Di Bango's World (Deadmau5 Remix)  by  Noiseuphoria
Bass heavy brain melter.

Cheap And Cheerful (Fake Blood Remix)  by  Noiseuphoria
More Fake Blood is always better than less.

Bangkok (Original Mix)  by  Noiseuphoria
Try not banging your kok too hard to this one.

Bangduck (Original Mix)  by  Noiseuphoria
Afrojack filthiness.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

HARD 13: Recap

What a night we all had in LA at Club Nokia for HARD 13. The place was jam packed all night and the sets just kept getting better and better. Deadmau5 was the special guest along with Steve Duda and Tommy Lee in the upstairs bass lounge. To say the least the night was a complete success. Have a look...

By the end of the night Boy 8-Bit was DEFINITELY enjoying the show but that didn't stop him from killing it on the main stage earlier in the night.

Boy 8-Bit - Baltic Pine (Run Hide Survive Remix)  by  Noiseuphoria

Florence and The Machine - Drumming Song (Jack Beats Remix)  by  Noiseuphoria

Like most HARD events, Gary Richards, better known as Destructo, had quite the treat for the crowd. Immediately before Fake Blood melted the club, tons of HARD beach balls were dumped from the upper balcony into the main floor. Awesome-ness.

The crowd was uncontrollable by this point as Fake Blood dropped banger after banger. Above is his remix of Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat. Downloadable version below

Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood remix)  by  Noiseuphoria

Deadmau5, Steve Duda & Tommy Lee - WTF

These guys together (known as WTF) were blowing peoples minds and eardrums upstairs all night in the small lounge area. At times there were close to only 100 people which made for a very personal experience for the fans.

Turn up the bass for this one...
Redic (Original Mix)  by  Noiseuphoria

All in all, Saturday night was yet again another Great HARD event. Special Thanks to Gary Richards AKA Destructo for making these types of events such a success.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So it has been awhile since we have all gotten (real) wild together and I think this saturday will be putting and end to that...

If that i'snt enough to convince you try these tracks on for size (click below)

Here goes nothin'

These will get you up to speed on the kind of awesomeness you will find at Noiseuphoria . There will be two of us updating the blog, myself (Kellen) and Jeff. Enjoy.

Heads Will Roll (John Roman Remix)  by  Noiseuphoria

02 I'm Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)  by  Noiseuphoria

29 Phantom II (Boys Noize Unreleased Turbine)  by  Noiseuphoria

Dancen (Ultrnx Remix)  by  Noiseuphoria

08 Krack (Nite Version)  by  Noiseuphoria
For Brooke^
Journey Of A Lifetime  by  Noiseuphoria
For my LB girls^
Technologic (Vitalic Remix)  by  Noiseuphoria

Under The Sheets (KIDS AT THE BAR Remix)  by  Noiseuphoria

Ski Hard (feat. Christian Rich)  by  Noiseuphoria
Awesome tune^ thanks to Rob Kelly
Anyway (Black Noise Disco Mix)  by  Noiseuphoria
Always a classic

I'd like to give a special thanks to the guys at for helping me build a lot of my library and some of the tracks listed above. Props!

There will be plenty more to come, with downloads as soon as I figure this silly thing out. Until then, Peace!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh hey there...

This is gonna get good.