Sunday, October 10, 2010

Porter Robinson Review

After dropping the shit out of Robinson's tracks, I figured my esteemed colleague Mr. Nicky Nines would have covered this post by now (as he usually does), but he is old and becomes forgetful. It's understandable. Therefore,  if you have been keeping up on the blogosphere world, chances are you have heard of Porter. At only 18 years young (yes I said 18) he is already topping the Beatport charts and getting must deserved respect from the likes of Miles DysonDirtyloud, and many others. With Wolfgang Gartner being a huge influence to Robinson, you can definitely notice the complex style they both share. His massive electro hooks, dirty dubstep wobbles and soothing trance style breakdowns all make one fan-fucking-tastic combination. Keep an eye out for Porter as he will be touring the US this fall. Ill let the tracks do the rest of the talking...

Say My Name (Original Mix) - Porter Robinson
I'm On Fire (Original Mix) - Porter Robinson
Wer Ist Sie (Porter Robinson Remix) - Haiko and Maiko

Pick up all of Porter's tracks on Beatport HERE