Saturday, January 15, 2011

Care about Daft Punk? Yea us too.

First and foremost, sorry for the extended delay of, well... anything lately. We are hoping to update the page soon. On a brighter note, check this out for those of you who were out of the loop like myself. Two words: Daft Punk. Wow, how much more hype could they possibly create? Insane and absolutely brilliant if you ask me. All I can say is Coachella 2011 is going to be fucking amazing if they show.

Ready to have your mind blown? Here you go. Make sure to watch the hack video as well.

Bottom Line: The Third Twin is Yvan and Virigle Homen Christo, Guy Manuel of Daft Punk's nephews. Full explanation here.

Check out this for more on the Daft Punk interweb rumor world and this to hear/download the entire album.

As always, enjoy!